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Pilgrims Walking the Camino

Full Via Jutlandica

Self-Guided Tour

Schleswig ⇒Lübeck

The Via Jutlandica is situated in far Northern Germany near the Baltic Sea. It stretches along water over and over again and brings pilgrims along historic old towns with small medieval rural churches to Lübeck, the “City of Seven Towers”.

Tour Type: Self-Guided


Duration: 11 Days Total / 9 Days Walking

Total Distance: 158 km. (98 mi.)

Difficulty: easy

Average distance: 17.6 km. (10.9 mi.) / Day

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Double Room:
Starting from € 1.170

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10 nights in single / double room

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If you wish to walk your Camino Stages with a light backpack, carrying only the basic necessities, we will be happy to arrange for your luggage to be forwarded from one hotel to the next on your walking days.

Spending an extra night in a given town throughout your journey is often a good idea: you give your body a rest, relax and enjoy exploring the town.

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This is a date-flexible tour; therefore, it is self-guided – no Tour Guide will be accompanying you. If you are interested in joining a Group Tour with a Tour Guide, please check our Guided Tours page. (Note: our Guided Tours take place on set dates that are planned ahead.)


On the Via Jutlandica, this pilgrimage tour begins in the beautiful town of Schleswig in far Northern Germany. As early as the Middle Ages, Nordic pilgrims would walk from Jutland on the eastern route all the way to Lübeck. Once there, they would assemble and head in larger groups to Santiago de Compostela.

This segment of the Via Jutlandica captivates modern pilgrims with the most beautiful aspects of Northern Germany. Small medieval rural churches, historic old towns, Brick Gothic architecture, and fascinating natural landscapes delight pilgrims. The Way of Saint James stretches along water over and over again. The Schlei, the Baltic Sea beach, and many small bodies of water shape this part of the Nordic Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago).

The highlight and final destination of this tour is Lübeck, the “City of Seven Towers.” A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, the old town island and its many churches, the Holsten Gate, and the Buddenbrookhaus Museum invite visitors to take an extensive walk through the city.

It is impossible to experience authentic Northern Germany in a more beautiful way than by walking on the Via Jutlandica.


Day 1: Arrival in Schleswig

Arrival by train in Schleswig. You proceed to you room. There is the option to stroll through the city.

Day 1: Arrival in Schleswig

Arrival by train in Schleswig. You proceed to you room. There is the option to stroll through the city.

Day 2: Schleswig – Kosel – Gammelby • 21 km. (13 mi.)

The Way of Saint James leaves the beautiful town of Schleswig through the historic fishing village of Holm and its small chapel surrounded by a cemetery. Passing the medieval monastery of St.-Johannis-Kloster, pilgrims are taken into the countryside on the path of the old railroad. Via the lovely villages of Moldenit, Schaalby, and Kahleby the Way continues until it reaches the ferry in the village of Missunde. From there, it is a short distance to the small municipality of Kosel and a little further to Gammelby.

(21 km/13 mi, ↗ 93 m/102 yd, ↘ 94 m/103 yd)

Day 3: Gammelby – Eckernförde • 12.1 km. (7.5 mi.)

Passing Bültsee, the Camino leads along fields and meadows to Windebyer Noor. On its shore, a pleasant hiking trail leads to Eckernförde. You will have enough time to explore Eckernförde on this day.

(12.1 km/7.5 mi, ↗ 127 m/139 yd, ↘ 125 m/137 yd)

Day 4: Eckernförde – Gettorf • 15.4 km. (9.6 mi.)

This short daily stage invites you to take a walk through Eckernförde and along the Baltic Sea beach in the morning. Afterwards, the Camino continues for many kilometers/miles through forests, fields, and along the Baltic Sea. Close to Aschau, the Camino leads inland again; you will reach Gettorf after about two hours.

(15.4 km/9.6 mi, ↗ 137 m/150 yd, ↘ 117 m/128 yd)

Day 5: Gettorf – Kiel • 22 km. (13.7 mi.)

After starting in Gettorf, the first kilometers/miles offer a wonderful view of the countryside. Passing many orchards, you will reach Obstcafé Warleberg and the Kiel Canal soon. Along this canal, you will head east to the state capital Kiel. During the walk along the canal, you can marvel at small, big, and giant ships.

(22 km/13.7 mi, ↗ 135 m/148 yd, ↘ 151 m/165 yd)

Day 6: Kiel – Preetz/Schellhorn • 19.6 km. (12.2. mi.)

On charming, small paths, the route from Kiel to Preetz/Schellhorn always continues along or near the Schwentine. This day’s stage is certainly one of the most beautiful on the Camino from Schleswig to Lübeck.

(19.6 km/12.2 mi, ↗ 199 m/218 yd, ↘ 171 m/187 yd)

Day 7: Preetz/Schellhorn – Plön • 18 km. (11.2 mi.)

Today’s stage leads pilgrims through wonderful landscapes of Holstein Switzerland. An impressive view of Eastern Holstein revels itself over and over again. The destination today is the small town of Plön, which is completely surrounded by lakes and invites you to spend some time in its beautiful old town and small alleys.

(18 km/11.2 mi, ↗ 202 m/221 yd, ↘ 297 m/325 yd)

Day 8: Plön – Bosau • 8.1 km. (5 mi.)

If the weather is good, before starting in the morning or on the route in one of the excellent swimming spots, this short daily stage leaves time for a swim in Lake Plön. The pilgrimage route leads through forests and along the lakeshore to Bosau. In this small village, the church of St.-Petri-Kirche, founded by Vicelinus, is particularly worth seeing.

(8.1 km/5.0 mi, ↗ 67 m/73 yd, ↘ 81 m/89 yd)

Day 9: Bosau – Ahrensbök – (Strenglin) • 20.1 km. (12.5 mi.)

Pilgrims can expect today a lot of flat, north German landscape. Through many fields and past countless agricultural land, the Camino constantly heads south. Shortly before the day’s destination, the Camino crosses Wahlsdorfer Holz and eventually reaches Ahrensbök and its charming church St.-Marien-Kirche. The distance to your accommodation from Ahrensbök to Strenglin is just under another 10 kilometers/6 miles. Since all stages of the Via Jutlandica are good and easy to walk, you can decide for yourself whether to walk this stage or rather take a taxi from Ahrensbök (not included in the price).

(20.1 km/12.5, ↗ 185 m/202 yd, ↘ 153 m/167 yd)

Day 10: (Strenglin) – Ahrensbök – Lübeck • 21.9 km. (13.6 mi.)

There is the option to take a transfer back to Ahrensbök in the morning (not included in the price).
The pilgrimage day begins with a hike across fields and groves to the nice village of Curau. In the second half of the day, you will go straight to the longed-for destination of this pilgrimage. Through affluent suburbs, pilgrims will reach Lübeck, the “City of Seven Towers.” As a founding city, Lübeck was considered early on the Queen of the Hanseatic League. Even today, this Hanseatic city, with the Holsten Gate and many buildings of Brick Gothic architecture, enchant all visitors and, of course, modern pilgrims walking on the Way of Saint James.

(21.9 km/13.6 mi, ↗129 m/141 yd, ↘ 168 m/184 yd)

Day 11: Journey Home

Independent trip home from Lübeck. There is the option to spend more nights in Lübeck.

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