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Pilgrims Walking the Camino

Camino Portugués: Coastal

Group Tour PK3 – Porto

Porto ⇒ Santiago de Compostela

The Portuguese Coastal Way offers truly wonderful scenery and experience: along the coast, panoramic ocean vistas are particularly stunning at sunset and sandy beaches invite pilgrims to take a refreshing dip.

Tour Type: Group Tour

Date: June 03 – June 16, 2024 *

Date: September 16 – September 29, 2024 *


Duration: 14 Days Total / 11 Days Walking

Total Distance: 242 km. (150 mi.)

Difficulty: easy

Average distance: 22 km. (13.6 mi.) / Day

Prices (per person):

Double Room:
€ 1.390

Single-Occupancy Room:
€ 1.790

“Half Double Room” Surcharge *:
  € 200

What’s Included:

13 nights in double/single rooms


Experienced english and german-speaking tour guide*

Luggage transfer*

Assistance vehicle

Pilgrim folder, pilgrim passport and travel security insurance

Optional Add-ons:

Lodging for additional night(s) stays

What’s not Included:


Airport transfers*


Travel insurance*

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This tour is an international tour and is designed to reflect the cultural diversity of the Camino Portugés. It is accompanied by the tour guide in both English and German.

“Half Double Room“ Surcharge: For people who register alone and book a double room, we apply a surcharge (“half double room”). If there is no other person of the same gender for the second spot in the double room, the person gets a single room and we apply the above-mentioned surcharge. If a second person registers for the double room, this surcharge not longer applies.

Transfer airport – Camino: Porto and Santiago de Compostela can be reached through several different airports. Transfer to first night’s accommodation in Porto and from last night´s accomodation in Santiago de Compostela must be arranged independently by the participants.

Half board: Meals generally start with dinner on the day of arrival and end with breakfast on the day of departure. Exceptions: Meals on rest days in Burgos (Tour 2), León (Tour 3), and Finisterre (Tour 5) are not included in the tour price and are self-organized. Meals on Tour 4 (Santiago) , Tour Sarria, Tour Inglés and Tour Portgués Coastal (Porto) end with dinner on the arrival day in Santiago. Our Tour Portugués Costal (Porto) begins with breakfast on the first walking day.

Tour guide: No assistance provided by the tour guide on rest days and free days. The tour guide does not walk with pilgrims on the Camino on walking days, but organizes luggage transfers and remains available with the assistance vehicle in case of emergencies.

Luggage transfer: 1 piece of luggage, max. weight 15 kg/30 lb. Dimensions: Max. height: 70 cm/28 in; max. width and depth: 85 cm/33 in

 Flights: We do not book flights, nor organize any rail or commercial bus-line travel. However, if you need assistance in deciding how to get to and back from your Camino Tour, we will be happy to assist you with tips and ideas!

Travel insurance: We strongly recommend to all our travelers to get a Travel Insurance; however, we do not sell any such policies. For our international clients, it is best to get a policy in their country of residence, as some countries offer insurances only to their own residents.


In recent years, the Caminho Português or, in English, the Portuguese Way of Saint James, has become one of the most popular routes to Santiago de Compostela. And rightly so: In addition to many impressive sights, it also has a lot of green and shadowy nature to offer.

Our pilgrimage tour begins in Porto, cultural capital of Portugal. After arriving independently, you will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy this beautiful city before taking the subway out of Porto on the second day of the pilgrimage. From there, the road takes us along the coast of Northern Portugal and through the just as beautiful and fertile Galicia.

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Highlight on this part of the Camino is, among others, Viana do Castelo, one of the most beautiful cities on the Portuguese coastal route. The Way of Saint James continues through Pontevedra, with its historic center, and Padrón, where according to legend, the ship carrying the body of the Apostle James landed. Besides these architectural sights, it is the beautiful landscapes and natural experiences that will remain in the memory.

Once in Santiago, you will have enough time on your free day to visit this beautiful city, attend the pilgrim’s mass, and receive the pilgrim’s certificate, the Compostela, at the pilgrim’s office.

Approximately 242 kilometers/150 miles

Impressions from the Camino


Day 1: Arrival in Porto

Flight to Porto and independent transfer from the airport to the hotel located in Porto. After moving into your room, prepare mind and body for the Camino. There is the option go for a walk in the city.

Day 1: Arrival in Porto

Flight to Porto and independent transfer from the airport to the hotel located in Porto. After moving into your room, prepare mind and body for the Camino. There is the option go for a walk in the city..

Day 2: Porto – Vila do Conde

Shared ride out of Porto by taking the subway (line A) to the penultimate stop in Mercado.
Today, as on every pilgrimage day, we offer a spiritual start.
Directly along the coast, we walk to Vila do Conde. This new variation of the Camino out of Porto avoids the route through the not-so-pleasant neighborhoods and suburbs of Porto. On this route, we always walk along the sea, sometimes on wooden walkways directly on the shore, sometimes on paved roads through small villages. In the course of the walk, the farther away we get from Porto, the more pleasing the scenery becomes. If the weather is good, it is also possible to have a quick swim in the sea.

(21.6 km/13.4 mi – Easy, ↑ 247 m/270 yd, ↓ 240 m/262 yd)

Day 3: Vila do Conde – Esposende

Leaving Vila do Conde, you will soon make another walk along the coast past the former fishing village of Póvoa de Varzim, which is now a small town very much shaped by tourism and casinos. We continue for many kilometers/miles on wooden footpaths along the beach. Only after Aguçadoura, we leave the coast and head a little bit into the green inland. We continue through vegetable fields, forests and the occasional village to Fão, where we cross the Cávado River and finally reach Esposende.

(25.4 km/15.8 mi – Easy terrain, but longer stage, ↑ 217 m/237 yd, ↓ 222 m/243 yd)

Day 4: Esposende – Viana do Castelo

From Esposende, the Camino leaves the coast for a day and pilgrims walk through the green inland. In the meantime, the Camino leads the pilgrims on very beautiful forest paths with the scent of eucalyptus, but also through some typical Portuguese villages. The day’s destination is Viana do Castelo, one of the most beautiful cities along the coastal route, which boasts a historic center and a cathedral, two defense towers, and a number of other beautiful buildings.

(24.3 km/15.1 mi – Moderately difficult, ↑ 429 m/ 469 yd, ↓ 424 m/464 yd)

Day 5: Viana do Castelo – Vila Praia de Ancora

Past Viana, the trail goes up a bit to a ridge of hills where pilgrims walk until almost reaching Ancora. The Camino leads through many small Portuguese villages and passes over beautiful forest paths in between. Over and over again, you can look down on the sea from above and often hear the sound of the sea. In Vila Praia de Ancora, the Way of Saint James finally reaches the beach again.

(18.4 km/11.4 mi – Moderately difficult, ↑ 177 m/194 yd, ↓ 178 m/195 yd)

Day 6: Vila Praia de Ancora – Oia

Past the beautiful town of Caminha, with its numerous pubs, the main square with the town hall, the clock tower and parish church, you will cross by ferry to A Guarda, the “Capital of Lobsters.” Once in Gali¬cia (Spain), you will walk along often very beautiful paths along the rugged coast to Oia, where a monastery was built in the 7th century and whose successor can still be admired today.

(26.8 km/16.7 mi – Moderately difficult to difficult, ↑ 457 m/499 yd, ↓ 450 m/492 yd, possible walk to Caminha in the morning)

Attention: When crossing the border into Spain, there is a time zone change.

Day 7: Oia – Baiona

From Oia, the route continues along the coast on narrow paths and sometimes also via the country road. Before Baiona, the route goes uphill and downhill a bit to the destination of this stage. Baiona was an important trading center until the end of the 19th century and still has a very beautiful old town.

(17.8 km/11.1 mi – Easy, ↑ 365 m/399 yd, ↓ 365 m/399 yd)

Day 8: Baiona – Vigo – (Redondela)

We leave Baiona in the morning and, through small villages and forests, continue the pilgrimage via A Ramallosa. Pilgrims have a wonderful view of the Ria of Vigo from various hills. You can constantly marvel at the Islas Cies, the islands of the gods. The transfer to the accommodation in Redondela takes place just before the Camino reaches the not-so-beautiful metropolitan area of Vigo.

(22.5 km/14 mi – Moderately difficult, ↑ 377 m/412 yd, ↓ 385 m/421 yd)

Day 9: Redondela – Pontevedra

Though many forests, the Camino leads us to the “capital” of the Portuguese Way in Galicia: Pontevedra. On this day, you will have enough time to visit the lovely old town and the cathedral.

(14.9 km/9.3 mi – Easy, ↑ 346 m/378 yd, ↓ 377 m/421 yd)

Day 10: Pontevedra – Caldas de Reis

The Camino leads, on this day, through beautiful landscapes and past many crossroads, to Caldas de Reis, famous for its healing thermal springs.

(21.7 km/13.5 mi – Easy, with a short ascend, ↑ 349 m/382 yd, ↓ 352 m/385 yd)

Day 11: Caldas de Reis – Padrón

Up and down the green hills of Galicia, we make our way to Padrón. As the legend goes, the ship carrying the body of Saint James reached the shore here. The city is known for its historic buildings, but also for its “pimientos de Padrón”: delicious small, green peppers, roasted at high heat.

(19.6 km/12.2 mi – Easy, ↑ 356 m/389 yd, ↓ 371 m/406 yd)

Day 12: Padrón – Santiago de Compostela

Passing by old churches and cemeteries, we reach Santiago de Compostela and continue to the cathedral.

(24.6 km/15.3 mi – Moderately difficult, ↑ 570 m/62.3 yd, ↓ 330 m/361 yd)

Day 13: Santiago de Compostela

Free day in Santiago, with the possibility to do a city tour, visit the pilgrim’s mass, and obtain the pilgrim’s certificate, the Compostela. Farewell to the Camino.

Day 14: Journey Home

Return trip from Santiago de Compostela. There is the option to book additional nights.


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