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Pilgrims Walking the Camino

Full Camino Portugués: Traditional with Route Espiritual

Self-Guided Tour

Porto ⇒ Santiago de Compostela

The Portuguese Traditional Way runs inland, revealing the picturesque Portuguese and Galician landscapes with scenic vineyards, fruit orchards, quaint villages and beautiful old towns. In addition, this tour offers the Route Espiritual, which takes you via the monastery in Armenteira.

Tour Type: Self-Guided

Availability: April through October

  • April 01 – June 30: Regular Season
  • July 01 – September 14: High Season
  • September 15 – October 31: Regular Season

Duration: 15 Days Total / 12 Days Walking

Total Distance: 245 km. (152.3 mi.)

Difficulty: easy

Average distance: 20.4 km. (12.7 mi.) / Day

Prices (per person):

Double Room:
Starting from € 880

Single-Occupancy Room:
Starting from € 1.290

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14 nights in single / double room

En-suite facilities

English-speaking emergency assistance
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We are proud to be working together with hand-picked, high quality and mostly locally owned and operated service providers.

Your journey will be booked through, and your Travel Package will include all the information you will need to access your lodging locations and to process your check-in.

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Luggage transfer on walking days

Breakfasts (subject to availability)

Lodging for additional night(s) stays

Airport transfers (by taxi)
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If you wish to walk your Camino Stages with a light backpack, carrying only the basic necessities, we will be happy to arrange for your luggage to be forwarded from one hotel to the next on your walking days.

Breakfasts are not available everywhere, and they are often served late, starting around 8 am. However, if you wish to include brekfasts, we will be happy to do so, where possible.

Spending an extra night in a given town throughout your journey is often a good idea: you give your body a rest, relax and enjoy exploring the town. In Santiago, two nights are included in most of our Tours by default as we believe it’s the least a Pilgrim would need to enjoy the City; however, you have the option to opt out of it.

We will be happy to arrange for an airport shuttle transfer for you from your airport of arrival to the starting point of your journey. The same goes for the departure, unless you end your journey in Santiago and fly out of Santiago Airport. In that case, a taxi can be easily arranged for the time of your choice directly at the Reception Desk at your Hotel.

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Travel Insurance

Tour guide

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We do not book flights, nor organize any rail or commercial bus-line travel. However, if you need assistance in deciding how to get to and back from your Camino Tour, we will be happy to assist you with tips and ideas!

We strongly recommend to all our travelers to get a Travel Insurance; however, we do not sell any such policies. For our international clients, it is best to get a policy in their country of residence, as some countries offer insurances only to their own residents.

This is a date-flexible tour; therefore, it is self-guided – no Tour Guide will be accompanying you. If you are interested in joining a Group Tour with a Tour Guide, please check our Guided Tours page. (Note: our Guided Tours take place on set dates that are planned ahead.)


Starting in Porto—Portugal’s beautiful “cultural capital”—, the Portuguese part of the Traditional Camino leads northwards inland, traversing the picturesque countryside and beautiful, historic towns. After the iconic border crossing at Valença – Tui, the Way leads into the lush greenery of the rolling hills and eucalyptus forests of Galicia.

Pilgrims traverse cities of major historic significance such as Porto, Ponte de Lima, Valença, Tui, Pontevedra and Padrón. And crossing the country border on foot, over the “International Bridge” over the River Minho, is an absolutely delightful highlight as well. It is worth reading up on the towns and regions this Camino crosses, and to allow some time for sightseeing!

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The degree of difficulty of the Portuguese Camino ranges from easy to moderate; therefore, it is suited for anyone with reasonable, average physical fitness, and it makes for a wonderful choice for most pilgrims. Travelers here enjoy not only the rich, traditional cuisine, the picturesque countryside and charming rural atmosphere, but also the wonderful infrastructure for pilgrims.


Day 1: Arrival in Porto

Your travels bring you, at last, to the beautiful City of Porto, often referred to as the cultural capital of Portugal. Check in at your hotel and spend the rest of the day and evening exploring the many amazing sites Porto has to offer, like a walk along the banks of the Duero river.

Day 1: Arrival in Porto

Your travels bring you, at last, to the beautiful City of Porto, often referred to as the cultural capital of Portugal. Check in at your hotel and spend the rest of the day and evening exploring the many amazing sites Porto has to offer, like a walk along the banks of the Duero river.

Day 2: Porto – Vila do Conde • 22.8 km. (14.2 mi.)

You first day on the Camino begins with a subway ride: Metro Line A will take you to get to the starting point of the Coastal Camino de Santiago. From here, you will walk along the coastline all the way until Vila do Conde. With the sea always to your left, the Camino leads over boardwalks and, later, traversing charming little villages. The farther you get from Porto, the more pleasant the scenery becomes, and there nearby Ocean will offer ample opportunities to have a quick swim.

Distance: 22.8 km. (14.2 mi.) | Difficulty: Easy

Day 3: Vila do Conde – Barcelos • 28 km. (17.4 mi.)

Today you will walk through the pretty city of Rates and on to Barcelos, where the same „rooster story“ is said to have happened as in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. As this a longer stage, you might want to consider taking a taxi out of town.

Distance: 28 km. (15.6 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 4: Barcelos – Quinta da Portela • 23.7 km. (14.7 mi.)

From Barcelos, the Camino winds through vineyards and small forests, until it reaches Quinta da Portela.

Distance: 23.7 km. (14.7 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 5: Quinta da Portela – Gandra • 25 km. (15.5 mi.)

In the morning, the Camino descends to Ponte de Lima – a picturesque little town with a magnificent medieval bridge and historic center, located on the river that shares its name. After Ponte de Lima, the Way of St. James continues to today’s destination, Gandra.

Distance: 25 km. (15.5 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 6: Gandra – Valença • 19.9 km. (12.4 mi.)

Today’s walk is one the most beautiful on the Camino Portugués. You will walk over mountain passes and later alongside the river Minho to Valença with its impressive fortress. While the city is now open and well-connected to Spain, its extensive fortress reminds of the days, when the border was not always peaceful. The “International Bridge,” located just beneath the fortress walls, connects the two European countries, and you can easily cross the border by foot.

Distance: 19.9 km. (12.4 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 7: Valença – O Porriño • 20.7 km. (12.9 mi.)

The very beginning of this first day’s journey presents an absolute highlight: crossing from Portugal into Spain. The “International Bridge,” located just beneath Valença’s fortress walls, connects the two European countries, and you will be walking across it, crossing the border on foot..

Attention: When crossing the border into Spain, the clocks are changed 1 hr. ahead.

Tui, the Spanish border city with its own fortress and various historical sites such as its magnificent Cathedral, is worth spending some time exploring. There is no need to rush, as today’s journey is rather short. Beyond Tui, you will follow the Camino on a narrow trail all the way towards O Porriño.

Distance: 20.7 km. (12.9 mi.) | Difficulty: Easy

Day 8: O Porriño – Redondela/ Arcade • 15.5/ 21.8 km. (9.6/ 13.5 mi.)

Walking on narrow trails again today, you will approach Redondela, from where you can see the Atlantic for the first time since Portugal.

Distance: 15.5/ 21.8 km. (9.6/ 13.5 mi.) | Difficulty: Easy

Day 9: Redondela/ Arcade – Pontevedra • 19.9/ 13.6 km. (12.4/ 8.5 mi.)

Walking mostly through forests, today you will reach the city of Pontevedra – the so-called „capital“ of the Camino Portugués in Galicia: Pontevedra. Today’s stage is relatively short, and you will have plenty of time to explore the lovely old town and to visit the cathedral.

Distance: 19.9/ 13.6 km. (12.4/ 8.5 mi.) | Difficulty: Easy

Day 10: Pontevedra – Armenteira • 19 km. (11.8 mi.)

Today, you hike on the variant Camino Espiritual. You cross the small port town of Combarro, well worth seeing. Here, it is advisable to take a short break for a refreshment before going up the mountain. On this stretch, you can enjoy the picturesque view of the green coast. You continue on forest paths to Armenteira and its monastery.

Distance: 19 km. (11.8 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderately with an ascent

Day 11: Armenteira - Vilanova de Arousa • 25 km. (15.5 mi.)

Initially, the Way of Saint James stretches a few kilometers/miles with wonderful views of countless vineyards. Finally, pilgrims reach Cambados, the next coastal town. You continue along Ría de Arousa’s enchanting stretch of coast.

Distance: 25 km. (15.5 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderately

Day 12: Vilanova de Arousa - Padrón • 2.5 km. (1.6 mi.)

Today, the journey starts in a relaxed way with a trip to Padrón on the Ulla by ferry (not included, approx. € 25.00 – 30.00 per person). Passing old stone crosses and half-sunken castles, pilgrims can enjoy the view along the riverbank. After about an hour’s ride, you reach Pontecesures. From there, it is only a short distance to Padrón, today’s overnight stop.

Distance: 2.5 km. (1.6 mi.) | Difficulty: Easy

Day 13: Padrón – Santiago de Compostela • 23 km. (14.3 mi.)

Passing by old churches and cemeteries, and more of picturesque, green Galician countryside, you will reach the long-awaited destination of your pilgrimage: Santiago de Compostela. Let the Camino guide you, one last time, into the heart of this magical City. Congratulations, dear Pilgrim: You. Have. Arrived. Celebrate, and enjoy!

Distance: 23 km. (14.3 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 14: Free Day in Santiago de Compostela

We strongly feel that, after this amazing journey, it is instrumental to spend (at least!) one full, extra day and another night in Santiago, which is why it is added in our program „by default“ (though you can opt out of it). This is both the time and the place to unwind, to reflect upon and enjoy your journey’s end and, most importantly, to take it easy on yourself with your post-Camino re-entry into the big, wide World. Aside from that, UNESCO-listed city of Santiago is full of incredible places to explore, and you can collect your very well-earned Compostela (Certificate of Completion) as well as attend the Pilgrims’ Mass at the Cathedral.

Day 15: Departure from Santiago de Compostela

Farewell, Santiago; farewell, Camino – and sage travels on your journey back home or to your next adventure! And here is another option well-worth considering: to continue the Camino on to Finisterre (the „End of the World“) and / or to Muxía – two stunning, mystical places on the majestic Atlantic coast.

¡Buen Camino!

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