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Pilgrims Walking the Camino

Camino del Norte:

Self-Guided Tour 1

Hondarribia (Irún) ⇒ Bilbao

This stage of the Camino del Norte leads you up and down along the coast and along long sandy beaches. Spend some time in the historic city of San Sebastián and finally arrive in Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque Country.

Tour Type: Self-Guided

Availability: April through October

  • April 01 – June 09: Regular Season
  • June 10 – July 14: Mid Season
  • July 15 – August 31: High Season
  • September 1 – September 15: Mid Season
  • September 16 – October 31: Regular Season

Duration: 9 Days Total / 7 Days Walking

Total Distance: 139.1 km. (86.5 mi.)

Difficulty: moderate

Average distance: 19.9 km. (12.4 mi.) / Day

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If you wish to walk your Camino Stages with a light backpack, carrying only the basic necessities, we will be happy to arrange for your luggage to be forwarded from one hotel to the next on your walking days.

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The Camino del Norte may not be as popular as the Camino Francés, but this doesn’t mean it’s less compelling. Quite the contrary: This coastal Camino leads through Northern Spain’s green inland, over long sandy beaches, and passes famous cities on its way to Santiago de Compostela. As it is less frequented than other routes, pilgrims can enjoy the nature in silence and solitude if they wish.

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Starting in Hondarribia, you will have to climb up and down the Jaizkibel Heights, but will be rewarded with great scenery. You will spend a night in San Sebastián – a cultural and historic gem. Try its famous tapas (called pintxos) and explore the bustling old town close to the La Concha Bay. Ascending the Monte Urgull allows you to see the whole city.

You will then walk to Zarautz, where surfers lie in the water, waiting to catch a wave. Tracks through shadowy forests will lead you to Gernika, so famously depicted by Pablo Picasso, and finally to Bilbao. This fascinating city is a perfect place to bid the Camino farewell.

Impressions from the Camino


Day 1: Arrival in Hondarribia (Irún)

At last, your travels bring you to Hondarribia, the starting points of the Camino del Norte. Check in at your hotel, and enjoy the rest of the evening exploring the town, resting and getting into the mood and spirit for your upcoming Camino!

Day 1: Arrival in Hondarribia (Irún)

At last, your travels bring you to Hondarribia, the starting points of the Camino del Norte. Check in at your hotel, and enjoy the rest of the evening exploring the town, resting and getting into the mood and spirit for your upcoming Camino!

Day 2: Hondarribia (Irún) – San Sebastián • 22 km. (13.7 mi.)

Climbing up the hills of Jaizkibel, you will be rewarded with spectacular views over the blue Atlantic. You will spend the night in the lively city of San Sebastián. Stroll through the beautiful old town and try the delicious Pintxos (Tapas)!

Distance: 22 km. (13.7 mi.) | Difficulty: Challenging

Day 3: San Sebastián – Orio • 18.5 km. (11.5 mi.)

Once again, you will ascend the mountains that separate San Sebastián from the fishing village Orio. Let our gaze wander along the infinite coastline while you walk towards Orio. This village lies snugly on the hills above the river Rio Oria.

Distance: 18.5 km. (11.5 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 4: Orio – Zumaia • 18.5 km. (11.5 mi.)

Passing the surfer’s hotspot at Zarautz, you will follow the coastal Camino until Getaria. Take the time to visit the parish church of the city, built in the unique Basque-Gothic style in the 14th century. This day leads you to Zumaia, beautifully situated in the green and hilly landscape. Of special interest here are the city’s fortified church of San Pedro, hosting a tall defensive tower, and the pilgrimage chapel of Ermita de Santiago. Once a hospice for pilgrims, today the Ermita de Santiago hosts paintings of such famous Spanish painters as El Greco and Goya.

Distance: 18.5 km. (11.5 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 5: Zumaia – Deba/ Pikua • 12.9/ 14.4 km. (8/ 9 mi.)

From Zumaia you will follow the the Camino along the coast allowing stunning views, and later through forests and fields until you reach the town Deba.

Distance: 12.9/ 14.4 km. (8/ 9 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 6: Deba/ Pikua – Markina-Xemein • 23.9/ 22.4 km. (14.9/ 13.9 mi.)

Today you will cross a sparsely populated region with landscapes of green hills and healthy forests. Little but the sound and the waves will distract you on your way towards the small town of Markina-Xemein.

Distance: 23.9/ 22.4 km. (14.9/ 13.9 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 7: Markina-Xemein – Gernika • 25 km. (15.5 mi.)

After walking through the region’s seasonal forests, you will reach the holy city of the Basques: Guernica. Being destroyed during the Spanish civil war, and famously depicted by Pablo Picasso, has brought the city an ambivalent prominence. We will drive through the less appealing metropolitan area of Bilbao and then continue walking to Santullán/ Miono.

Distance: 25 km. (15.5 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day 8: Gernika – Bilbao • 17/ 18.3 km. (10.6/ 11.4 mi.)

You will walk to Goikolexea or Larrabetzu (17 km or 18.3 km respectively). From here, we recommend you to take a bus to shorten today’s long journey and to avoid the unattractive metropolitan area of Bilbao (otherwise you have to walk 30.3 km (18.8 mi.) in total) ̶ the rest of the day may be better spent exploring this fascinating city and enjoying its famous cuisine.

Distance: 17/ 18.3 km. (10.6/ 11.4 mi.) | Difficulty: Moderate

Day : Departure from Bilbao

Farewell, Bilbao; farewell, Camino – and safe travels on your journey back home or to your next adventure! Or, here is another option well-worth considering: to continue onto our next Part 2 of the Camino del Norte Self-Guided Tour; from Bilbao to Santander.

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