Over 10 Years on the Camino!

Ansgar Möller was 18 years old when he fell in love with the Camino de Santiago. He grew up as a passionate boy scout – great preparation for a pilgrim. The first time on the Camino, he was soon fascinated by the unique mix of pristine nature, strong comradery between the pilgrims and the international vibe on The Way. Over the years he walked almost all the different paths to Santiago and also found a good friend on the way: his dog that he aptly named “Santiago”.
Telling his friends about the Camino, he noticed that most were interested in walking the Camino themselves. However, they often remained skeptical about whether they could do the journey on their own. So, his idea was born: He wanted to give everybody the opportunity to have their own Camino experience – without worrying about accommodation, language barriers, or heavy luggage.

He started organising group tours and later added an online shop with all the equipment needed for a pilgrimage. One day, before returning from Spain, he thought of taking some great Spanish wines with him and soon after opened a little wine shop with wines from the Camino de Santiago.
Our team now has 10 years of experience organizing self-guided and guided tours on many routes to Santiago de Compostela. Being part of so many peoples experience on The Camino has been incredibly rewarding and we hope that we can help you enjoy your Camino to the fullest and pass on some of our passion about The Way.


Our Philosphy:

Our goal is to give as many people as possible the chance to experience a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. At the same time, we are conscious about keeping this experience as authentic as possible and want to support the unique infrastructure along the Camino, on which the magic of this pilgrimage depends. Therefore, we have chosen small, family-run guesthouses and smaller local restaurants.
We have kept the costs for every tour as economic as possible, without making concessions on accommodation or food. All our guesthouses and restaurants have been chosen for their great value. They are close to the Camino or at close walking distance in order to experience the unique atmosphere created between the pilgrims. We encourage the participants to walk consciously and make this a memorable experience. All of our guides are enthusiastic pilgrims themselves and will be happy to share their experiences with you.

This is a special journey and luxury is not the main priority. While all necessary comforts are provided, we welcome everybody to make the central experiences of such an undertaking: realising what few things are essential to being happy. To discover the strength and endurance of one’s own body and to face the great questions of a pilgrimage: What am I walking towards and what will arriving there mean to me?

Your Pilgino Team