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Camino Inglés

Ferrol ⇒ Santiago de Compostela • 116 km. (72 mi.)

The Camino Inglés (the English Way) was the most popular pilgrim route to Santiago for people from England, Ireland and other Nordic countries in the middle ages. They crossed the sea by ship to anchor in the different harbours on the Galician coast, mainly A Guarda and Ferrol, and continued on foot to the tomb of Saint James.

Camino Inglés Route

Like many other Caminos, the English Way has experienced a true revival in recent years: while less than 1% of all pilgrims to Santiago walked the Camino Inglés in 2009, this number increased to approx. 4% by 2019, and its popularity continues to grow. This traditional Camino is not nearly as busy as the French or the Portuguese Ways, and the terrain it traverses is not very challenging. It is also one of the shortest Caminos; however, those pilgrims who start in Ferrol (as opposed to A Coruña) will receive their Compostela upon arrival in Santiago because the distance exceeds 100 km.

Starting in the lovely, historic seaport of Ferrol with its harbour dating back to the 9th century, the Camino Inglés follows the shore of the wild Atlantic for a while, before it turns inland and leads onward through the picturesque Galician countryside. As on all other Caminos in the North-Western part of Galicia, Camino Inglés offers a wonderful blend of forested, slightly hilly landscape and occasional, pleasant towns and villages in which to stop for food and rest. As the number of pilgrims grows steadily from year to year, the pilgrim-friendly infrastructure also continues to improve, making the English a great choice for both new pilgrims as well as for the experienced ones seeking to set out on a new Camino adventure.

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Ferrol ⇒ Santiago de Compostela

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Distance: 116 km. (72 mi.)

Duration: 8 Days Total / 5 Days Walking

Difficulty: easy

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