General Information

Our tours do not include flights. This leaves you free to organise your stay to your liking, to choose your place of departure and find the most economic flight. The travel information for your trip will include detailed information on how to get from the airport to your accommodation and back. We are happy to arrange transfer from the airport and back. We can also help you find the best flights and provide you with any information regarding the booking process.
Important Infor for Tour 1 on the Camino Francés: Please make sure to arrive in Bilbao early, as you will already hike a short stretch on the first day. Alternatively, you can book an extra night in Bilbao to explore this fascinating city.

Luggage transfer is included in the service. We work together with reliable local companies. If you prefer to carry your own luggage, just inform us beforehand and save on your quote.

We put our focus on family-run businesses that provide great value and have a good connection to the Camino. We want to give you an authentic feeling for the Camino de Santiago and Spanish hospitality, while supporting the local infrastructure.
Over the years we have decided not to book rooms with half board, as we noticed that most pilgrims prefer to schedule their day independently. While breakfast is served in many places as late as 9am, many prefer to start walking earlier and grab a bite on the way. You might prefer to have dinner with the great company that you meet on the Camino instead of dining in a pre-chosen restaurant. Bars and restaurants are so plentiful along the way, that we leave it up to you, where and when to eat – which also makes our tours more economical for you. We will send you a list with recommended bars and restaurants, from which you can choose freely.

Our daily stages range around 20km – that means good walking distances that are still easy on the body and manageable for pilgrims with different levels of physical fitness. Our pilgrim’s kit includes information on each stage with recommended activities, important sights and good restaurant. The rest is up to you! Our philosophy is to provide you with the essentials: good value guesthouses, a comfortable room with your own bathroom and all the necessary insights for your pilgrimage. While we give you the framework for you pilgrimage, we want to leave you space to make this Camino your own.

The Pilgrim’s kit, including all relevant documents, will be handed out on the day of your arrival. This includes the itinerary, information regarding each accommodation, a short language guide and much more. Please note that a list of all participants with relevant contact information is usually also included. If you do not wish to share this information, please let us know beforehand. Additionally, it can be useful to purchase a travel guide, as it often contains more detailed information regarding history and sights along the way.
Together with the Pilgrim’s Kit, you will receive your Pilgrim’s Passport. We also provide you with a packing-list. This will be sent to you before your trip. Alternatively, you can see it here.
The Pilgrim’s Passport (La Credencial) is used to certify your pilgrimage. There are many chances to get stamps along the way. These stamps both verify that you have walked the Camino and will later make the Credencial a beautiful memento of your travel. The pilgrim’s office in Santiago de Compostela will need your Pilgrim’s Passport, for them to hand out the Pilgrim’s Certificate (Compostela). On the last 100km of the Camino, two stamps per day are needed in order to obtain the Compostela.
On the day of your arrival we will provide you with a Pilgrim’s Passport together with the Pilgrim’s Kit, which contains a lot of useful information. The Pilgrim’s Passports are issued by the Cathedral of Santiago and help maintain the Pilgrim’s Albergue (hostel) in Astorga.

A travel insurance is not included in our holidays. We advise you buy a suitable travel insurance.
If you are from a country that is a member state of the European Union, you will have health insurance in Spain and Portugal. If you are from any other country, we advise you to buy a international health insurance for the duration of the holiday.
All payments you make for you holiday are insured for the case of bankruptcy of the travel agent.

After we have sent you the booking confirmation, a deposit of 20% of the total tour balance becomes due to be paid in one week. The remainder of your tour balance must be paid three weeks before your tour begins.

Payments are usually made by bank transfer. For customers from outside the European Union, we also offer payment by credit card or PayPal. Please contact us, if you would like to make use of this option.