Blick auf Porto, die Hauptstadt des Nordens
Holzstege am Strand
Kirche bei Ponte de Lima
Hübsche Kirche vor Alto da Portela Grande
Der vertraute Wegweiser auf einer bemoosten Mauer weist nach Quinta da Portela

You will start this journey in Porto – the cultural capital of Portugal. To get to the Camino, you will take the Metro outside of Porto until you reach the coast. Following the Camino along the Atlantic will take you to Vila do Conde. Through the lush landscapes of Northern Portugal, you will reach the medieval city of Ponte de Lima. From there the way leads you along forest tracks up the highest point of the Portuguese Camino, from where you will have great views over the green region of Rubiaes.

You will reach the border town of Valenca, which hosts an impressive historic fortress once guarding Portugal against its Spanish neighbors. Now the “international bridge” connects the two European countries and you can easily cross the border by foot. The destination of this tour is Tui, a Spanish border city with its own fortress and various historical sites that make it a memorable destination of this tour.

121 Kilometres

Double Room: € 480
More than 3 people: € 460
Single Room: € 610
More than 3 people: € 600

This tour is cheaper in combination with other tours