Pilger am Kap Fisterra
Rückblick auf die Kathedrale von Santiago
Küste bei Canosa
Sonnenaufgang in der Bucht von Finisterre
Pilger auf den Klippen vom Kap Finisterre
Pilgerdenkmal auf dem Weg zum Kap Finisterre
Pilgerweg hinter Cornado
9 days

Already in medieval times, many pilgrims walked to Cape Fisterra after reaching Santiago. They wanted to see the western most part of the Europa, that was believed to be the end of the world. On this tour you follow their steps all the way until Murxía.
The Camino Fisterra leads you over green plateaus and along the rough coast of the Atlanctic Ocean. The sea has created a wild and fertile land for you to cross, until the famous lighthouse of Fisterra marks the end of the road. It’s the tradition of pilgrims to watch the sun sink into the sea from one of the boulders around the lighthouse.
Departing for Muxía takes you into one of the most beautiful part of the Camino. Through the healthy forests that dominate this region, the Camino later brings you back to the coast. Spend the night in the pretty town Lires, take a swim and watch the sunset from the beach! The next day you will arrive to Muxía, a remote town surrounded by the Ocean. The mystical coastline here was already held sacred by the Celts, who performed various animist rituals here and whose stones can be found around the city.

120 Kilometres


Low-Season (April 1 - June 25 and September 16 - Dezember 31)
Double Room: € 460
More than 3 people: € 440
Single Room: € 700
More than 3 people: € 650
High-Season (June 26 - September 15)
Double Room: € 500
More than 3 people: € 460
Single Room: € 730
More than 3 people: € 670
This tour is cheaper in combination with other tours