Pilger am Kap Fisterra
Rückblick auf die Kathedrale von Santiago
Küste bei Canosa
Sonnenaufgang in der Bucht von Finisterre
Pilger auf den Klippen vom Kap Finisterre
Pilgerdenkmal auf dem Weg zum Kap Finisterre
Pilgerweg hinter Cornado

On this journey, we are offering shorter, more feasible stretches for anyone who prefers daily tours of 15 to 20 km. The route is undoubtedly very stunning: from Muxía we are following the Camino Fisterre towards Santiago de Compostela. These days you will even get the Compostela, the pilgrim's certificate for this route.

So basically this journey combines all the benefits of this leg of the Camino being one of the quieter ones but not compromising on the sheer beauty of the landscape in runs through.
The rugged coast of the Atlantic, a wild and lush scenery captivating many people since pre-medieval times. Many locals from Celts to Romans have considered this area to be sacred and were drawn to the particular kind of magic in these lands. Today you can still find many remainings of their practices and sun rituals, scattered Celtic stones and landmarks.

We will begin our travels in the small, remote town of Muxía.
Past the charming village of Lires the pilgrims will get to the famed seaside town of Fisterre, know to be "the end of the world" in ancient times and which drew many pilgrims of the St. James Way even in medieval times.
Continuing along the sea the landscape here might be reminiscent of the rolling green hills of Ireland. Passing the beautiful antique village of Olveiroa we head towards Santiago.
If we are blessed with warm weather we will have plenty of chances to not only soak up the picturesque sunsets but also take a dip in the ocean on the Atlantic beaches.

Every morning we offer a daily impulse to the whole group. This can be a short text or a poem that will hopefully inspire you and give you some light input for your time on the way.

This tour lasts 10 days and you will travel 120 kilometres.



Low-Season (April 1 - June 25 and September 16 - Dezember 31)
Double Room: € 460
More than 3 people: € 440
Single Room: € 700
More than 3 people: € 650
High-Season (June 26 - September 15)
Double Room: € 500
More than 3 people: € 460
Single Room: € 730
More than 3 people: € 670
This tour is cheaper in combination with other tours