To the Edge of the World

The Camino Fisterra is a very old extention of the other Caminos through Europe. It leads pilgrims from Santiago de Compostela to what was the most Western point of the known world. Already the Celts worshipped their gods on this coastal stretch. Its rock formations, its wild shore and the dense vegetation create a mystical atmosphere. Today, pilgrim's leave a stone at the lighthouse in Fisterra and take a picture of the "O km" stone that stands here - proof that they walked until they couldn't go any further.

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Many medieval pilgrims, having arrived in Santiago de Compostela, carried on towards Fisterra. Not only did many want to see the Ocean, this place was also thought to be the Western most part of the earth and therefore the end of the world. A ritual washing in the sea signalled the end of a pilgrimage, and many sought the shell of a scallop to prove to friends and family that they had made it – a custom that remains with us today in a different form.

Even in pre-Christian times, many people regarded this region as sacred and suspected higher powers to be at work. The Celts worshipped the sun and other natural gods in a variety of different rites. Many Celtic stones can still be found along the coast and the atmosphere here is often undeniably special.
Today, it is custom to walk until the way-stone of Kilometre “0” at the lighthouse of Cape Fisterra and watch the sunset from atop one of the big boulders. Until recently, pilgrims used to burn their clothes on the beach and leave their boots on the rocks, perhaps as a sign of lightness and freedom after a strenuous trip. Unfortunately, this custom has now been prohibited by Spanish officials.

Tour Fisterra

Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra

This tour takes you from Santiago de Compostela to the lighthouse of Fisterra. Walk through the lonely green landscape, that the Oceans winds created until you reach the coast. Read more...
87 km            6 days         easy-medium

Tour Muxía

Santiago de compostela to Fisterra and Muxía

This Tour is an extension of Tour Fisterra, taking you to the famous lighthouse and then further to Muxía. This place is even smaller and more secluded than Fisterra and it truly feels like the end of the world. Read more...
120 km            8 days          easy-medium