Kathedrale von Leon, Südfassade
Reste der historischen Stadtmauer von Mansilla de las Mulas
abends in Molinaseca
mittelalterliche Brücke nach Hospital de Orbigo
Himmel über der Via Trajana
Kathedrale von Leon

Our Journey begins in Calzadilla de la Cueza. After leaving the dramatic landscape and the solitude of the Meseta behind us, the Camino now passes through small, almost forgotten villages. In Sahagún we can explore the particular architectural style of the brick churches, which go back to the time of the Moors.
We then head towards the old royal city of León and take a rest day to see the many sights of this ancient city. Its Gothic cathedral, the Pantheon Real and the royal sepulchre in the church of San Isidoro.
Another highlight along the way is Astorga with its many architectural gems, including the Roman city walls, its astonishing cathedral and the Bishop’s palace, designed and built by Antoni Gaudí himself.

The next stage of the Camino hosts the famous Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross), which lies in the Montes de León. Pilgrims traditionally leave a stone at the foot of the cross, representing the weight and sorrow they may wish to leave behind – a tradition that goes back to Roman and even Celtic times. Continuing through the region of Bierzo known for its rich and arable land producing excellent wines, we reach our destination in Cacabelos.

Every morning we offer a daily impulse to the whole group. This can be a short text or a poem that will hopefully inspire you and give you some light input for your time on the way.

This tour lasts 12 days and you will travel 197 kilometres.


Price: € 1110
Single Room Supplement: € 280

Minimum Number of Participants: 8

This tour is cheaper in combination with other tours