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Camino Primitivo

Oviedo ⇒ Santiago de Compostela • 304 km. (189 mi.)

Camino Primitivo means “The Original Way.” It was the first route, along which the Spanish pilgrims walked to see the sepulcher of St. James. It is claimed that King Alfonse II, who proclaimed the discovery of the Apostle’s remains, was the first to walk to Santiago from Oviedo along the Camino Primitivo.

Following the King’s footsteps today is quite a challenge: the Camino Primitivo is, perhaps, the most difficult route to Santiago as it leads over high mountains ranges for quite some distance. Magnificent views into green valleys and pristine nature make up for the pilgrims’ physical struggles, and the seclusion of this primordial way create a truly unique atmosphere. While the solitude of the Camino Primitivo allows the pilgrims much time and space for introspection, the few pilgrims that do meet up other on this Way often built strong bonds.

Ranging only 304 kilometers (189 mi.), this is one of the shorter Caminos. It is a special highlight for mountain lovers and nature fans, and for those fit enough for a physical challenge.

Camino Primitivo Route

Only approx. 4% of all pilgrims walk the Camino Primitivo, which is, among other factors, also due to the challenging profile of its terrain. In many parts, walking here essentially constitutes mountain hiking, and solid footwear, above-average physical condition and reasonable preparation are important prerequisites not to be ignored. Actual experience in mountain hiking is not necessary, but it pays off to prepare physically for this more strenuous, but picture-perfect hike. Even though there are sufficient guesthouses and shops along the Way so as to still be able to walk without much hassle, the infrastructure on this unique Camino is not quite the same as that on the Camino Francés, and logistical considerations should also not be ignored.  

The seclusion of many stages of the Camino Primitivo, its long history and natural beauty make it especially interesting for experienced pilgrims – those who have already walked on different Caminos to Santiago. At the same time, more and more first-time pilgrims choose this trail because of all the amazing aspects of a special, more nature-oriented and personal experience it has to offer, like no other Camino.

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Full Camino Primitivo

Oviedo ⇒ Santiago de Compostela

Starting at € 760

Distance: 304 km. (189 mi.)

Duration: 16 Days Total / 13 Days Walking

Difficulty: moderate to challenging

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